Why Malawi?

Passport, Inc., the 5019 (c) (3) under which Watering Malawi operates, was founded by David and Colleen Burroughs.  Colleen was born in Africa grew up on the shores of lake Malawi.  She and David have been traveling back to Malawi since 1994 to visit the place she loves and stay connected with the families that still live in the village where she grew up.

When the drought of 2005 threatened the lives of 5 million Malawians with hunger, starvation and even death David and Colleen called on thousands of Passport campers and teenagers to respond.  And the did!  They raised the first $150,000 within eleven months for wells and pumps. This started a grassroots movement that has spilled over into congregations and communities across the country.

Colleen continues to return to Malawi to see that the proposed projects are going as planned and learn from Malawians what they believe are the next steps in this partnership.  These accountability trips are largely funded by private donations so that gifts for water go further.

“Malawians are hard working, kind people.  They know best what will work towards long-term solutions for hunger and poverty. Watering Malawi simply hopes to partner with those efforts.” says Colleen.

“Malawi is a Christian nation with a successful democratically elected president. Most people have never heard of it because it’s not in the sensational news that Africa is usually know for.  For me, this a natural response.  It makes sense to me.  Malawi feels like my back yard, my home town.  I am so grateful students and congregations are willing to participate in helping to water gardens and offer access to safe water in a place I love, to people who love God and their families just as we do.”

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