Introducing a brand new

Vacation Bible School Idea

where children learn

all about Jesus as

“The Living Water.”

Jesus answered, “If you knew

the generosity of God and who

I am, you would be asking me

for a drink, and I would give you

fresh, living water.”

John 4:10

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Bible Stories

Missions Stories





End of the week


The first goal of Vacation Bible School is to teach children that Jesus loves them and wants them to live life abundantly.  As they begin to understand Jesus’ love, it is important to help them connect that love to the world. Water U Doing is written with those goals in mind, creatively producing an experience designed for children and their leaders.

Imagine a Neighborhood Night Market, interactive Bible stories, daily DVD moments from Malawi, music that gives praise and teaches skills, learning Chichewa words, and children creating and responding to ideas that change lives, starting with their own.

Statement of Faith We believe the Bible is God’s inspired story written to express God’s love and purpose for creation. We believe Jesus is God’s Son sent as a gift to show us how to live.  He is the one way for us to experience forgiveness and new life. Through the Spirit, we are empowered to live the life Jesus demonstrated.  We believe Christ Followers are called to share His love and grace to our broken and hurting world. We believe children are capable of being part of that change.

Vision for the “Water U Doing?” VBS curriculum

is to engage children using appropriate essential information, encourage children to be intentional learners and stewards in God’s world and enlarge perspectives with specific focus on life issues related to water.

Purpose is that through interactive Bible stories and missions awareness, children, family and all church members will identify God’s expressions of practical care and explore how they can be part of an answer to needs in the world.

Stewardship  We believe, as stewards of God’s earth, we must live responsibly and carefully. Choosing to live simply means others can simply live. Our curriculum reflects choices we have made about usable and reusable resources. From limited, but fully detailed printed materials, to crafts and snacks with a purpose, you will find our desire to wisely manage God’s gifts of time, energy, physical, and mental sources.


Cost: $100 for the first copy. 

Additional copies $25 each

• One notebook, 3-hole  punched copy of the curriculum includes: director’s guides, Bible studies, crafts, missions, games, snacks and neighborhood night market suggested program.

• CD of printable resources and media

• CD Children Singing for Water

• DVD daily stories from Malawi

What about t-shirts?  Print your own or order them from the Passport online store and we will ship them to you for $6.

Questions:  Call 800-769-0210

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